Lawn weed identification chart


We have put together this weed identification chart to help identify the weeds which may be giving you problems in your lawn. In any lawn and turf care program, it is important … Read more

Soil compaction in lawns and turf


What is soil compaction All most all lawns at some time will have suffered from what is known as soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs when a high percentage of the air is … Read more

Slender Speedwell [Veronica filifomis]


Introduction: Slender Speedwell, scientifically known as Veronica filiformis, is a perennial weed that poses a challenge for luxury lawn enthusiasts. Its adaptability to close mowing and resistance to most commercial weed killers … Read more

Shepherds Purse [Capsella bursa-pastoris]


Introduction: Shepherd’s Purse, scientifically known as Capsella bursa-pastoris, is a familiar sight in many gardens and lawns. Recognized for its distinctive heart-shaped seed pods, this weed has been a part of folk … Read more

Selfheal [Prunella vulgaris]


Description: Selfheal is a common perennial weed, found in most types of turf and grassy areas throughout the UK. It forms as a dense mat, and will easily tolerate close mowing, which … Read more

Ragwort [Senecio jacobaea]


Introduction: Ragwort, scientifically known as Senecio jacobaea, is a biennial weed that’s indigenous to the UK. While typically an issue in low maintenance lawns, this weed is adaptable enough to persist even … Read more

Parsley Piert [Aphanes arvensis]


Introduction: Parsley Piert, with its scientific name Aphanes arvensis, is an annual weed that occasionally makes its appearance on lawns. While it might not be the most common menace for your turf, … Read more

Moss in lawns


Moss is one of the most common and frustrating lawn care problems and can invade almost any type of lawn, especially during the cold winter months. However it is more common in … Read more

Mining Bees


Mining bees are generally harmless as they do not produce a sting unlike other types of bees. Mining bees are solitary creatures and make their nests under the lawn or pathway and … Read more

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