Lawn equipment, tools and implements

Lawn Mower


Lawn aerator

Lawn mower

The most common piece of equipment used on the lawn is the lawn mower. Choose from two different types, cylinder and rotary depending on the type of lawn you desire. Information on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mower.
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Lawn Aerator
One of the most important operations carried out on the lawn is aeration. This task is vital for a healthy vigorous lawn. Learn about the different types of lawn aerator and the choice of tines available for this important lawn care task.
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Lawn scarifier


Miscellaneous tools

Lawn Scarifier
Lawn scarification is primarily carried out in the spring (after moss treatment) and autumn (as part of the autumn program). We discus the different types of scarifying machines available, from hand rakes to self powered lawn rakes and scarifiers.
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This section covers the other equipment and tool used in the lawn care industry. Includes fertiliser spreaders, hand and knapsack sprayers, leaf sweepers, hand held tools such as shovels, forks, rakes, turfing & edging irons shears and more.
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