Lawn Mower

Types of lawn mower

A lawn mower is without doubt the most frequently used piece of equipment on a garden lawn. A mower will be used to cut the lawn at least once a week during the summer months when the grass is actively growing. There are two main types of lawn mower, these lawn mower types are cylinder and rotary mowers. Which lawn mower you choose for your lawn will depend on what type of lawn you already have.

  • Rotary lawn mower - A rotary lawn mower is the most widely used mower on lawns throughout the UK. This type of mower consists of a horizontal blade or blades with very sharp edges which spin very quickly and cut the grass as they spin. Rotary mowers are ideal for general purpose lawns and low maintenance lawns that are not quite even and not cut too short. These mowers are cheaper to purchase than cylinder mowers and less maintenance is required on a rotary mower than a cylinder mower.
  • Cylinder lawn mower - This type of mower is the obvious choice for anyone who is maintaining a closely mown luxury lawn. A cylinder mower consists of a series of horizontal blades fixed to a central cylinder which spins around and cuts the grass by trapping it against a fixed bottom blade. These type of mowers are more expensive and require more maintenance than rotary lawn mowers. It is also important to mow the lawn on a regular basis with a cylinder lawn mower as they don't cope well with long grass.

Both these type of mowers are generally powered by petrol engine or electric motor. Choosing which one is right for you lawn, several factors have to be taken into consideration. For more information on choosing a lawn mower and other mowing topics please visit our main lawn mowing page.