Creeping Buttercup [Ranunculus repens]

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Creeping buttercup is a very common perennial weed, it has a distinctive yellow flower and is found all types of turf and grassland.

It is the most common of all the buttercups. This weed spreads vigorously by over ground runners known as 'stolons' rooting at intervals.

The leaves are divided into three leaflets which are deeply lobed. The leaves can often have a light / dark green mottled appearance.

The yellow flower is typical of all buttercups, flowering between May and August.

Creeping buttercup is found on all types of soil, particularly moist, damp sites.

Hand weeding is difficult for anything but a few plants. Improving the drainage on the lawn may help in discouraging this weed.

If there are a larger number of plants then a selective weed killer will be needed for effective control of creeping buttercup.

Creeping buttercup in most cases can be controlled with a single treatment, however apply again 6 weeks after the initial treatment if necessary.

Once the weed has been removed or controlled the bare areas can be filled with a mixture of suitable soil and grass seed to aid recovery.

When using chemicals in the garden always wear the correct protective equipment and clothing. Always read the product label and follow the manufacturers health & safety recommendations and application guidelines.

For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page.

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