Choosing a Professional Lawn Care Service

Several years ago most people offering professional lawn care services would mow the lawn weekly and do little else. Other essential lawn care tasks such as fertilizing, weed control, lawn raking and aeration were left to the owner of the property.

Fast forward to the present day and the many lawn care compainies to choose from that offer the complete professional lawn care service including all the essential lawn maintenance tasks.

There are many of these professional lawn care compaines to choose from, perhaps you have seen the various vans of the different lawn care companies as you have traveled through your town or village.

You may well have heard many comments, both negative and positive about the different companies. In most cases the quality of the lawn care service is down to the individual carrying out the various lawn care tasks, not the company who employs them or offers the fanchise.

Many of the proffesional lawn care service providers will have good and not so good staff. You just need to locate a competent lawn specialist in your area.

There are several ways in we can find a suitable lawn care specialist.

  • Decide what you require from a professional lawn care service eg, fertilizing, aeration, scarification, weed and pest management. Most should offer all of these tasks that are needed to maintain the lawn in tip top condition.
  • Ask for references from customers, or perhaps your know some friends of nieghbours who have previously used the services of a lawn care specialist. Many good professional lawn care services will visit you, inspect your lawn and give a brief report on what work needs to be done to improve the lawn.
  • Ask about the professional lawn care specialists history, have they been in this industry long, does he/she come from a turf care background, such as golf greenkeeper, sports groundsman etc. If they tick all of the boxes then this will a major plus point as their is no real substitute for experience.
  • Many chemicals treatments such as fungicides and herbicides now require the user to hold the relevant spraying qualifications in order to apply them. Check that the professional lawn care service specialist holds the relevant certificates.
  • Many of the products applied can be quite expensive, therefore it is worth enquiring if there is a guarantee with some tasks. eg weed killer application, fertilizer, insecticide & fungicide treatments.
  • Enquire about the types of fertilizer used. Do they use slow release (better results and longer lasting). Do they carry out soil testing to find out what the soil requires to keep the grass in optimum health.

Oliver Thompson
Lawn Care Expert

About Oliver: Oliver Thompson, a seasoned lawn care expert from the Cotswolds with over two decades of experience, invites all enthusiasts to join him in exploring the world of lawns, sharing knowledge, and fostering a vibrant community of lawn enthusiasts. More info

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