Red Clover [Trifolium pratense]

Red clover, lawn and turf weed

Red Clover is a perennial weed, but unlike white clover it has a tufted growth form with a strong tap root. Leaves are divided into three leaflets, each with a light coloured "V" marking on them. Red clover has pinkish flowers about 13 - 25mm across, which flower between May and October. It has a similar appearance to white clover but red clover leaves and flowers are generally larger and it tends to grow more upright.

If there are only a few plants hand weeding may suffice, however if the infestation is severe chemical control will be needed to control red clover, choose a selective weed killer that contains mecoprop or alternatively a combination of fluroxypyr & clopyralid such as 'Verdone Extra', a further application may be needed for red clover. For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page. Once the weed has been removed or controlled the bare area can be filled with a mixture of suitable soil and grass seed to aid recovery.

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