Organic and Inorganic Fertiliser


Although both organic and inorganic fertiliser are essentially used to promote lawn health and vigour, there are several differences between the two fertilisers. Each type have their own advantages and disadvantages to … Read more

Dock [Rumex spp.]


The Dock, belonging to the Rumex genus, is a perennial broadleaf weed that poses a challenge to garden enthusiasts and homeowners alike. Characterized by its large, glossy leaves and distinct flower spikes, … Read more

Birds-foot Trefoil [Lotus corniculatus]


Birds-foot trefoil, scientifically known as Lotus corniculatus, is a perennial weed that often draws comparisons to clover-type plants due to its striking resemblance. Found ubiquitously across grassy terrains like meadows and grass … Read more

Mowing problems


There are a various problems that you may come across when mowing the lawn. These┬ácan be caused by poor mowing techniques or poor mower set up, these problems include: Scalping lawns This … Read more

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