Germander Speedwell [Veronica chamaedrys]

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Germander speedwell is a low growing, patch forming perennial weed found in all types of lawn, however it is often confined to grassy areas and neglected turf.

It is not as common as Slender Speedwell in highly maintained fine turf lawns, however it is equally as difficult to control with chemicals.

Germander speedwell spreads with creeping runners rooting at intervals over the lawn. It can also spread whilst mowing the lawn, by fragments of stem which can take root and form new plants.

The heart shaped leaves are larger than those of slender speedwell. Germander speedwell leaves are generally hairy, dark green in colour with prominent veins. The edges of the leaves are often with toothed.

The flowers can be seen during April and July. They are blue - mauve in colour, each producing four petals, the centre of the flower has a white eye.

Germander Speedwell will grow in a range of soil types, but prefers damp, wet conditions.

A difficult weed to remove by hand once it has established. Encourage a healthy lawn with good turf care practices to discourage this weed.

Regular scarifying or raking prior to mowing will help to weaken and remove Germander Speedwell. Always box off the clippings when mowing the lawn to prevent the weed spreading

Once the weed has been allowed to spread, then chemicals will be required to try and control germander speedwell. More than one application will be needed for this weed as it is resistant to many selective weed killers.

Another option is to employ a lawn care specialist who may have access to professional turf care chemicals which will be more effective than those available to buy off the shelf from garden centers etc.

When using any type of chemicals (including weed killers) on the lawn or elsewhere in the garden always wear the correct protective equipment and clothing. Always read the product label carefully and follow the manufacturers health & safety recommendations and application guidelines.

For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page.

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