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Should I water my lawn after mowing? For lawn owner who have just completed the lawn trimming process, watering the newly mowed yard is something enticing. There is no problem when you have just done the manicuring of your lawn but if your lawn needs the water to quench its thirst. If your lawn is already satiated then there is no need to water it. You can water your lawn after mowing but before mowing the watering should be avoided as it will make the grass trimming process difficult and if you are bagging the clippings then the problem will be more severe as the wet clippings are weighty.

If your lawn doesn’t need water then there is no reason to start the watering process immediately after mowing. Your lawn mowing and watering should be properly planned and follow a specific schedule. It is not necessary that the mowing and watering process occur on same day.

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When to Water Your Lawn after Mowing

There is no issue associated with watering after completion of lawn mowing process. The one thing you need to pay attention is whether your lawn needs water or not. If it needs moisture then there is problem to start the watering process. But one thing is important and that is proper planning for watering after mowing.

As your lawn is freshly cut so it is more open to be attacked by fungus and bacteria. So if your lawn needs watering immediately after lawn mowing then it is important to check the time. The best time for lawn watering is the early morning hours. During Sunny hours of day watering is not recommended because of the highest rate of evaporation. While the afternoon and night times are the worse options for watering because of low absorption of water by soil and grass roots due to low temperature so there is more stagnant water creating environment favorable for development of different types of diseases. When you water your lawn afternoon or at night your grass has less time to become dry so the moist as well as newly cut grass is an easy prey for fungus and bacteria attacks.

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Early morning hours, 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. is considered the best time for lawn watering. During these early morning hours the temperature is low and the sun is not hot so there is very low evaporation something negligible when compared to very hot hours of the sunny day. Another beauty of this early morning time is low wind so the droplets are targeting their targets and there is less deviation.  For busy folks it is recommended to water their lawns on weekend in this suitable time of morning. Avoid watering in other hours of day, because of the associated risks!

So if your lawn mowing and watering falls on same day then you should start the mowing process early in the mowing and completing it before the above-mentioned time 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. which is the best time range for lawn watering.

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Signs of Water Needs

When you mow your lawn sometimes from signs you can easily get clues that your yard is thirsty and needs urgent watering. Footprints are one of the signs from which you can easily judge the water needs of your lawn. Dry grass leaves footprints when you walk over it. While the moist and hydrated grass will spring back more than dried grass to its original position eliminating the footprints. So during and after mowing stand back and check the grass for footprints. If there is no footprint then don’t water! Frequent and unnecessary watering blocks the process of deep roots system development. As you might know deep roots development is extremely important for toughness of grass enabling it to sip water from deep area making the grass fit for survival in hard conditions.

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Avoid Watering Your Lawn before Mowing

Lawn watering is not recommended before mowing for simple reason it makes the grass trimming process difficult, clogging your lawnmower. If you water your lawn just before the mowing process then the wet grass blades stick together and also make the mowing process difficult because they may get caught in your lawnmower.

Frequency of Lawn Watering

The water needs of lawn can differ from each other depend on various factors such soil types, grass varieties, weather…

Lawns with sand soils need more water when compared to clay soil lawns. According to gardening experts sandy soil lawns should be watered after every 3 days while the clay soils just needs once watering per week.

Soak Your Lawn’s Soil Up-to 6 Inches

If you want your lawn have deeper root system for healthier, thicker and greener look with ability to face the harsh weather conditions then moisten your lawn’s soil up-to 6 inches. Whether the water reaches this level of deepness check it regularly after every 15 minutes. For checking the water soaking level, use shovel or screwdriver. Record this first watering process time. You can then use this time for future watering.

Some lawn owners believe that landscape plants and lawn grass water needs can be satisfied in same fashion. So they water their lawns for 15 minutes or more every day. This is totally a wrong approach for lawn grass. The best way for lawn watering is infrequent and deep watering. Too frequent watering encourages the growth of fungus and bacteria. Another drawback of frequent and shallow watering is that it blocks development of deeper roots system, a phenomenon discussed in above lines and its importance for healthier, greener and thicker grass.

Your lawn loves infrequent and deep watering for development of deeper roots system making it fit for survival in dry conditions.


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