Husqvarna LTH1738, 38 in. 17 HP Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower Review | Lawn Mower Sale

If you have a limited budget, can’t afford a quality riding lawn mower for your big lawn then you will definitely find this Husqvarna LTH1738, 38 in. 17 HP Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower  useful. The lawn tractor is offered with extremely low price despite of its ability to perform all lawn related activities such mowing, fertilizers spreading etc.


Salient Specifications Husqvarna LTH1738

  • Cutting Deck
    • Cutting Deck Size: 38 inch
    • Nose roller: No
    • Greasable mandrels: No
    • Anti-Scalp Wheels: 2
  • Engine:
    • Engine/Motor
    • Engine name: Husqvarna
    • Cylinders: 1
    • Generator: 12 A
    • Generator: 5 & 3 A
    • Power Output: 17 hp.
    • Oil filter: yes
    • Fuel tank volume (with reserve): 1.5 gal (US)
  • Equipment
    • Seat material: vinyl
    • Front end protection: available as accessory
    • Hour meter type: none
    • Seat back height: medium 13 inch
    • Steering wheel type: ergonomic – soft grip
    • Collector : available as accessory
  • Transmission
    • Transmission manufacturer: Tuff Torq
    • Transmission type: hydrostatic
  • Drive system
    • Drive method: lever operated
    • Speed reverse max: 2.5 mph
    • Speed reverse min: 0 mph

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Features Detail Explanation

Air Induction Mowing Technology

The tractor innovative air induction mowing technology is smart enough to draw air from the bottom and top of the mowing system for enhanced grass lift enabling superior cut.

Reinforced Cutting Deck

The tractor stamped cutting deck is supported by heavy flat stock steel for enhanced durability and strength.

Adjustable Sliding Seat

For comfortable driving the vehicle is equipped with adjustable sliding smart seat automatically adjust height when the seat is moved rearward or forward for exceptional comfort for the driver’s back.

Reverse Operating System (ROS)

The tractor enhanced safety system comes with ROS (reverse operating system) disengages the mower cutting blades the vehicle moves in reverse enabling it to get out of the trouble spots.

Safety Switch Under Seat

The lawn tractor comes with safety switch under seat; the engine and cutting deck automatically switch off when the driver leaves the seat.


The mower’s cutting deck system is equipped with anti-scalp wheels ensuring to avoid scalping when your machine is mowing an uneven yard.

Powder-coated cutting deck

The tractor comes with powder coated cutting deck substantially improving its resistance to corrosion extending its lifespan.

Step Through

The vehicle step through supports hassle free and comfortable mounting and dismounting.

Dual Draglinks

The dual draglinks of the vehicle let find adjustment of the wheels track.

Manual Blade Engagement

The tractor manual blade engagement lever is positioned on the dash for hassle free operation.

Ergonomic Steering Wheel

The vehicle ergonomic steering wheel is located at angle for comfortable driver’s position.

Hydrostatic Transmission

There is no need to use clutch for changing gears when you are driving this tractor; it works like an automatic car transmission.

Choke-less Start

Easy to start, automatic choke, just need key turn.

Flexible and Versatile

The tractor is highly flexible and versatile, can be used for different lawn related activities besides mowing. It is the best machine for all those yard owners who are looking for a lawnmower that can also capable for doing other lawn related jobs such as fertilize spreading, snow removing etc.  You can easily attached different types of accessories to this vehicle because the brand popularity. So you can easily attach your brushes, snow blades, trailers etc. to this vehicle without any compatibility issue.

Final Verdict!

Despite of its low price tag majority of current users of this lawn tractor are satisfied with its performance. It is equipped with life easing features; a mower comes with ability to perform different types of lawn related jobs not just mowing. You can save substantial amount of time by just investing your hard earned money in one machine instead of buying other tools for performing lawn related duties. So if you have a big lawn and limited money then this riding lawn mower is the best option to consider.

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