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If you are looking for relevant information about how to make Bermuda grass thicker then you will find some useful information in this article. You will see substantial improvement in your Bermuda grass thickness if you follow the tips discussed here. The information applies to all varieties of Bermuda grass normally found in Gulf Coast such as Common Bermuda grass, TexTurf 10b or Tifway.

Majority of experts don’t recommend Common Bermuda grass for simple reason of their incapability of becoming thick and dense. This Bermuda grass type is not only poor in its ability to become thicker and dense but also presents a coarse and stringy look. This variety is especially not the best option for residential application.

Frequent Mowing

More frequent mowing is extremely important for making your Bermuda grass thicker. More frequent mowing of this grass type or any grass enhancing the lateral growth. This regular and more frequent trimming is promoting horizontal growth as opposed to vertical growth. Regular & repeated mowing following with watering and increase the doze of fertilizer a little bit then you will see material improvement in grass thickness irrespective of grass variety.

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More Water For Thicker Bermuda Grass Growth

Bermuda grass is exclusively amenable to excessive mowing and trimming when compared to other grass types. This is the reason majority of golf course looks like a green carpet. This grass type is mowed more regularly when compared to other grass types; every other day or even every day. You may hear an amazing thing called putting greens when the grass is mowed twice a day, depends on the weather and region, where this more frequent mowing is best for promoting a thickness.

As already discussed short grass requires more water for nourishment and also makes possible exceptional enhancement in thickness. So if you follow this repeated trimming with more water as short cut grass needs more water then you will notice a material improvement in your Bermuda grass growth and thickness. This overall process will make your Bermuda grass thicker and health giving a carpet like look. Getting this carpet like look for your grass needs lot of time and effort so be prepared!

It is the dream of every lawn owner to have a thicker, healthier, deluxe and fascinating lawn! For these dreamy goals you need to put some extra effort. But the happy news is that you can easily transform your thin and dull looking grass into a thick and healthier yard. You just need to follow some easy steps, the whole process is explained in this article. This process of having a thicker and healthier lawn is divided into 2 parts for simplicity.

Part 1: How to Make Your Bermuda Grass or Any Grass Type Thicker

  • Step1: Improve Your Soil
  • Step2: Over-seed
  • Step3: Fertilize
  • Step4: Boost Your Lawn

Part2: How to Sustain The Thickness of Your Grass

  • Step1: Irrigate
  • Step2: Mow Properly
  • Step3: Control Weeds

Part 1: How to Make Your Bermuda Grass or Any Grass Type Thicker

Improve Your Soil

For getting optimum benefits from this grass thickness enhancing guide it is important to take some tips from your local lawn pros and also test the soil of your lawn for better understanding the behavior, health etc. of your land. Soil testing is an easy process from which you can get substantial benefits for having a thicker and healthier looking lawn. A soil test is the first and starting point from which you can easily mow in the right direction. Soil testing provides information about your land health, specific mowing requirements, fertilizer needs and exposes the underlying problems.

This simple soil testing process provides you information about soil pH and other health indicators that can stop your grass from achieving a thicker and healthier body.

Testing eliminates guesswork so you can follow the things in confident way having full pictures of problems so you do things in scientific ways. You can easily compare before and after situations. If your land pH is very low then it provides you valuable information that your land is not getting the required nutrients. So with this testing you can easily understand that your lawn requires some lime or other soil changes to get the required pH level. So you can easily improve your soil for making your grass thicker and healthier.


Over seeding as appears from the word is to feeding your existing lawn with more grass seeds. If your lawn current grass type is Bermuda then over seed it with more seeds of this grass variety. This over seeding process will make your lawn thicker or preventing it from getting thinner. This addition of seeds into existing lawn enhances the population of your grass so it will make your overall grass thick and rich. For achieving maximum benefits from this seed addition process it is important to exercise it at more suitable time of year. Experts suggest doing this exercise at fall and spring time. In US over seeding best times are;

  • Cool season northern lawns
  • Warm season southern lawns

Over seeding is a simple and easy way for dramatically enhancing your lawn thickness as well as health. This easy process not only improves the quality of your lawn but it also makes your grass thicker.

Fertilizer For Improving Your Bermuda and Other Grass Thickness

Your yard grasses require nutrients from soil in same way as other plant types. But your lawn soil might lacking these nutrients because your grass continuously taking these things from soil. Further they are often leached away with irrigation as well as rainfall. So to enable your land to supply the grass with the required amount of nutrients regular fertilization is required. If your lawn is supplied with regular nutrients then you will easily achieve the objective of thicker and healthier looking lawn.

Boost Your Lawn

For making this grass thickening process simple and easy some companies are supplying the market with lawn boosting formulas. These formulas come with all the above mentioned three things. Important ingredients from making the soil fit for providing your grass with required nutrients. The formulas also come with seeds and fertilizer. For example a product called Pennington Lawn Booster comes with seed, soil and fertilizer includes all the ingredients required for boosting your lawn thickness and health.

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Part2: How to Sustain The Thickness of Your Grass

Sustain and Keep the Thickness of Your Lawn Grass

After getting a thick and healthier lawn then it is important to follow the below mentioned steps for keeping it thicker and healthier.

Regular irrigation is highly important for keeping your lawn grass thicker and stronger. Germinating grass seeds because of the abovementioned over seeding needs persistent moisture till seedlings emerge and become able to fill the space between existing grasses. The fully grown lawn needs about one inch water per week. Whether your lawn gets it from irrigation or nature it needs it. For thicker and healthier lawn, and deeper roots growth the deep irrigation is needed.

Proper Mowing

If you follow the best practices for your lawn mowing then your grasses will grow thicker and healthier. For keeping your lawn thick and healthy it is important to design the mowing process on basis of your lawn needs not just following your weekly mowing schedule. Follow the experts’ opinion for every grass type and keep the mowing height according to their recommendations. Furthermore don’t mow 1/3 (one third) of grass in single mowing for sake of avoiding to subject the grass to too much trauma.

Besides timing and frequency of mowing it is also important that this process is done in proper way. Sharp mower plays a vital role in clean mowing. If mower’s blades are blunt then they will tear the grass instead of cutting. Ragged, damaged and torn grass provides sanctuary to different type of diseases, pest, insects, weed attacks and preventing the grass from getting healthier and thicker.

Control Weeds For Keeping Grass Thicker

Weeds also needs nutrients, water and sunlight for their nourishment and compete with your lawn grass for these resources. If your lawn has more weeds then it means your grass will receive less fertilizers and other resources for its development. So it is important to eliminate weeds for making nutrients, water and sunlight free for your lawn grasses for making them thicker and healthier. Early fall is the best time to bring these lawn weeds to end!

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