Dock [Rumex spp.]

Turf Weeds - Dock

Dock is a perennial broadleaf weed that can grow very large in uncut grassland. It has large, broad and shiny leaves. Small greenish flowers appear on a tall, narrow spike that arises from the center of the plant. The weed produces many small flowers which are a green colour, later turning a red/brown colour.

Dock can be hand weeded as it grows as an individual plant, however it produces a large penetrating tap root and it is important to remove this completely. If any of the root is not removed the plant will regenerate. If chemical control is necessary spot treat the plant using a product containing 2,4-D and Dicamba. A further application may be required 6 weeks later. For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page. Once the weed has been removed or controlled the bare area can be filled with a mixture of suitable soil and grass seed to aid recovery.

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