Black Medic [Medicago lupulina]

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Black medic can be both an annual or perennial weed. This weed is very similar in appearance to lesser trefoil or yellow suckling clover.

One major difference between the two is that the seed pods on black medic turn black. (see photo)

Black medic has a shallow roots system, the weed grows in a prostate manor in turf. The oval leaves are clover like with three leaflets.

Black medic produces yellow flowers between April and September.

This weed can grow in most conditions, but it prefers dry soils that are deficient in nutrients.

The flowers are yellow initially later turning brown. Lesser Trefoil flowers can be seen from May to October.

Lesser trefoil, like white clover prefers dry, non-acidic, nitrogen deficient soils.

Black medic can be hand weeded effectively as the roots are shallow and easily removed. Encourage good turf vigour with good lawn care practices.

Black medic can prove difficult to control with chemicals and in most situations more than one application is required.

When using chemicals on the lawn always wear the correct protective equipment and clothing and always follow the manufacturers health & safety recommendations and application guidelines.

For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page. Once the weed has been removed or controlled the bare area can be filled with a mixture of suitable soil and grass seed to aid recovery.

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