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For healthier, green and thicker grass in your lawn the ideal grass size lies in range of ¾ to 1-14 inches. This is the perfect range  for grass size for healthy looking lawn. According to lawn mowing experts it is not welcoming idea to mow more than one third of your lawn in just single mowing at a time. If your lawn grass is high and you want to achieve the ideal range for healthy looking lawn then you can achieve this ideal size by mowing your lawn more than one time. If you trim your lawn more than one third of the grass in one mowing then you are exposing the grass blades to too much stress, creating the environment favorable for different types of diseases. More than one third mowing of grass exposing your lawn to too much trauma and your lawn grass will find it extremely difficult to recover from this injury especially when the weather is not favorable as well.

The ideal height range of ¾ to 1-14 inches is maintained when you mow your lawn once every five days during summer days.

The mowing process is made difficult by presence of one or more ditches. To achieve this perfect grass height in this scenario you need a proper lawn mower type and need to adopt some tips for making the mowing process easy while achieving the ideal height as well.

So you need to choose a best machine comes with features especially designed for lawn trimming in uneven, sloppy and ditches environment.

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The Importance of Rotary Lawnmower in Ditches

Besides other features you mower weight also plays a vital role in making the mowing process either easy or difficult. If your lawn mower is bulky then it will be difficult to handle the maneuvering and mowing process in this special environment. Lightweight lawn mower is the best option for mowing a lawn with ditches.

As far as weight is concerned rotary lawnmower is the winner. These manual operating lawn mowing machines come with simple design, easy to operate and extremely lightweight to push and control. There is no complex operating system and machinery that materially reduce the machine overall weight.

The lightweight formula of rotary lawnmower makes them best for maneuvering across the banks and ditches when compared to heavy lawn mowing machines.

Besides the lightweight design, hassle free maneuvering and mowing they are also cheap and affordable. You can even buy a quality rotary lawnmower below 100 bucks. Another feature these simple, lightweight and easy to use rotary lawnmowers are loved for is their eco-friendly and low maintenance design. However, rotary lawnmowers work best on subtle slopes rather than extremely steep ditches.

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Features in Your Lawnmower For Ditches

If you are not using manual reel mower for your lawn with ditches then self-propelled push lawnmower is the best option. Your self-propelled lawnmower can be gas or electric powered. Self-propelled yard mowing machines are loved for their hassle free maneuverability. They take off some of the strain of your body especially when you mow slopes and ditches. Other features you should look for is rear wheel or all-wheel drive system.

The rear-wheel or all-wheel drive models come with lot of traction making them perfect for dealing with hills and ditches.

Whatever lawnmower ( gas or electric ) you choose for dealing with lawn with ditches and uneven surface it is important that your lawnmower must come with lot of power to perform in this difficult scenario. The power is measured in engine torque for gas-powered models while voltage in electric lawnmower. A powerful lawnmower cuts the trouble spots easily.

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Mowing Ditches in Safe Way

Besides proper mower selection, proper mowing techniques also support easy and safe trimming of ditches. It is important to mow the hills, ditches and inclines horizontally (side to side). Avoid mowing of inclines, hills and ditches up and down.

For your safety make sure that all four wheels of your lawnmower are on ground all times.

Avoid mowing moist and wet lawn. During mowing wear robust and thick soled shoes with strong traction.

Avoid using mower for steep ditch and use hand held string trimmer for a safer mowing experience.


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