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Besides considering other important needs of your lawn mowing such as your yard terrain, grass types, environment effects such as wet or dry grass you also need to pay attention to the area of your lawn. If you have a big area to mow and your selected machine is just fit for small terrain then you will face a big issues. So in this article best lawn mower for 1 acre lot we will explore best riding lawn mower ideal for handling the mowing of big area. For sake of making the buying process easy, in this article we will explore some useful terminology, buying tips and discussed the pros and cons of some very famous riding lawn mowers. We will limit our review to best rated riding mower available on the market.

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What’s Best Riding Mower?

A quality lawn comes with features for making the mowing process easy, simple, and quick and when the mowing job is done your yard looking better. For achieving these mowing objectives you need a quality riding lawn mower that is time and fuel efficient and despite of saving in these two areas your lawn looks better than your neighbors. If you select a too small lawn mowing machine for one acre space then the mowing process will kill too much of your free time on weekend. And not only you waste your precious free moments but also you will not achieve the objective of great looking yard. On other hand if you go for too large lawn mower then you will find it difficult to take it to tight areas leaving some of your yard space unprofessionally manicure. So size extremely matter to handle your mowing job professionally. So here we will explore some tips for sake of making purchasing process simple and easy!

Mind the Size of Your Mower

Choose the mower ideal for your property size.

  • If your lawn space is less than ½ acre and the terrain is relatively flat then a best mower size for this case is 30 to 42inch.
  • If your lawn area is larger than ½ acre and less than 1 acre then the best choice is 38-46 inch lawn mower. The common type of more you find in this 38 to 46 range is 42-inches. This category of lawn mowers comes with engines between 14 to 22 horsepower. You can find cordless electric mower that have plenty of run time for mowing an area of one acre or less.
  • In case you lawn is large then one acre then riding lawn mower is the ideal choice. We will not discuss these riding lawn mowers as they are not related to our topic. In another article in this website we will explore it.

It is important to avoid low price riding lawn mower and yard tractors for space one acre or less. In today market you will find riding lawn mower for best for up-to one acre space in price range of 1000 to 3000 dollars. The quality riding lawn mower work best, you will find them in price range of $1500 to $2200. While quality zero turn mower price range is 2600 to 4000 dollars. So it is important to properly analyze the features of riding lawn mower and avoid investing in low price poor quality machine.

All those people looking for buying riding lawn mowers it is important to consider the surface of their yard. If your lawn comes with steep hills and you have no or little experience of using riding lawn mower then properly analyze your situation when buying a riding lawn mower. Majority of riding lawn mowers can be used for 15 degrees or less slopes. For those folks yard greater than 15 degrees slopes the ideal choice is larger size (28-36 inch) walk behind lawn mower.

Choose the Ideal Transmission

You will find riding lawn mower and tractor with automatic transmission, manual transmission and hydrostatic transmission. Majority of the riding lawn mowers and tractors come with Automatic-CVT transmissions are the cheapest and also offers hassle free repair. Another option is the hydrostatic transmissions, vehicle with this feature are the smoothest to work with. The very rare option is the manual transmissions that almost obsolete. Manual transmissions are not recommended for small riding lawn mowing machines.

Hydrostatic transmissions come with features using fluid to transfer power from the vehicle engine to the ground. Hydrostatic transmissions come with cruise control that eliminates hassles associated with mowing so you can easily mow large flat areas in simple manner. On other hand CVT/automatic transmissions makes the mowing process very easy and highly dependable but the main problem with them is the lack of cruise control.

Riding lawn mowers with hydrostatic transmissions are operated using your right foot or with help of equipped with a lever on the fender. Furthermore the reverse and forward is controlled with same foot pedal or lever on the fender. While the CVT or Automatic transmissions worked with right foot.

Go For Reliable Brand

Don’t purchase mowing machines from obscure brands. Especially avoid all those brands products you are not familiar at your local big store or on Amazon. Also not invest in those mowers that are offered with extremely low price even if these machines are originated from reputable brands. Product from reputable brand matters for simple reason if you purchase mower from uncommon brand then you will find difficult to purchase parts in case of repair and maintenance. And also the warranty issue might be difficult to solve in case of unusual brands in case something wrong with your lawn machine.  The following brands are famous for manufacturing premium quality riding lawn mowers;

  • Craftsman
  • John Deere
  • Cub Cadet
  • Troy-Bilt
  • Husqvarna
  • And Poulan Pro

Repair and Maintenance

There is better chance of getting a quality riding lawn mower deal online but for repair and maintenance access to local repair shop is extremely important. So before buying lawn mowers it is important to check personally the brand’s website for information such as local repair warranty service, local parts availability and more.

Cut Grass Disposal Options (Bagging, Side Discharge and Mulching)

It is another important feature you have to pay attention, so your machine has the option or options best suit for your glass clippings dealing. Majority of lawn mowers throw grass clippings out the side and ensure even spreading across the yard. There are some lawn mowers come with optional mulching attachment that makes possible cutting of these clippings into tiny pieces. These tinny clippings are then drives down into the lawn. The decomposition process of these fine clippings is faster. These decomposed fine clippings work as fertilizer.

Easy to Use

For all those people spending a lot of time using riding mower it is best to go for mowing vehicle comes with easy steering and a high back seat.  Majority of the models available in market now-a-days let the user to step through the center of the tractor for hassle free get on and off. In market you will find a few models in price range of 25000 to 4000 dollars come with power steering. Majority of these riding lawn mowers let the user to slide the seat for short and tall operations in hassle free fashion. Easy and comfortable user experience is extremely important for focusing on your errand and also ensures your safety.

Additional Safety Features for Safe and Easy Mowing

Majority of the riding lawn mowers comes with safety features and perfectly safe. But additional safety features further makes the mowing process easy substantially reducing mowing and trimming time. There are many models come with blade shut-off switch. The blade shut-off switch is activated when the user get off the seat.

Zero Turn Mower Importance For Tricky Angles

If your lawn has many tricky angles, curves and obstacles then zero turn mower is the best option because the standard riding mower or yard tractor is not a good choice for in this situation. Standard riding lawn mower or lawn tractor is best choice for majority of lawn types but not good for yards that have tricky angles, obstacles and curves. If your lawn has slopes and hills then residential zero turn models are not best because you can’t use them on these difficult terrains.

Best Riding Mowers for One Acre Space

In market there is a plethora of choices for riding lawn mowers. But in this article we will explore only those models best for mowing an area of one acre or less than one acre. Our selected riding mowing machines originated from trusted brand, come with high customers’ satisfaction ratings, durable and long lasting life span and requires minimal maintenance.

1 – Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic 46-Inch Riding Lawnmower Review

This lawn mower comes with solid performance best for dealing small to medium size yards (up-to 1.5 acres) mowing needs.

It comes with powerful Briggs & Stratton Intek engine providing the maneuvering and mowing system with sufficient amount of power for smooth mowing operation. The engine comes with hassle free maintenance and will serve your need for many years to come.

The flexible mowing functionality of this riding lawn mower such as mow-in-reverse capacity and manual power take off makes event the toughest job easy.

This riding lawn mower comes with ability to deal with tight corners and curves makes it an ideal vehicle for dealing with yards with many obstacles.

The seat and steering of the mower are both fully adjustable while the seat is highly comfortable for exceptional back support. It is also compatible with optional mulching kit for exceptional mulching experiencing.

Features and Specifications

  • Product model number: 540CC 46″
  • Style:2018 Edition
  • Engine: Powered by a reliable 19 HP/540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine
  • And a Foot-Pedal automatic transmission
  • Cutting Deck: 46-Inch
  • Wheels: 15-inch front tires and 20-Inch rear wheels
  • Transmission: Foot Controlled automatic/CVT
  • Side discharge mowing deck and Mow-In-Reverse capabilities
  • Soft Touch Steering: – for hassle free interaction & usage it comes with soft touch steering.
  • Efficient Cutting Deck: the mower comes with 46-inch cutting deck offers 5 different cutting height positions.
  • Comfortable Seat: Mid-back padded seat for operator comfort.
  • Durable Tires: 15-inch x 20-inch sturdy wheels for mowing at speeds up to 5.2 MPH.
  • Product weight: 520 pounds
  • Product measurement: 69.8 length x 46 width x 35.5 height inches
  • Warranty: protected with 2 years warranty

2 –  Husqvarna 960430216 YTH22V42 22V Hydro Pedal Tractor Mower, 42″/Twin Review


  • Cutting Decks:
    • Cutting width: 106.7 cm
    • Nose roller: No
    • Greasable mandrels: No
    • Anti-scalp wheels: 2
  • Drive system
    • Drive method: Pedal-operated
    • Speed reverse max: 2.9 mph
    • Speed reverse min: 0 mph
  • Engine:
    • Motor/engine manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
    • Engine name: Intek
    • Power output: 22 hp
    • Cylinders: 2
    • Generator: 5&3 A
    • Power/fuel type: Gasoline
    • Fuel tank volume (with reserve): 2.5 gal (US)
    • Oil filter: Yes
  • Equipment
    • Seat material: Vinyl
    • Front-End Protection: None
    • Hour meter type: Digital with pre-programmed service intervals
    • Seat back height: High
    • Steering wheel type: Deluxe Overmolded
    • Collector: Available as accessory
    • BioClip® kit/plate: Available as accessory
  • Transmission
    • Transmission type: Hydrostatic
    • Transmission manufacturer: Tuff Torq

Key Features

  • Power Source: gas powered
  • U-Cut™: The U-Cut steering technology allows the mower extra easy to make turns and mow around tricky angles, curves and obstacles. This ensures less uncut areas, extra, efficient and exceptional mowing and enhanced maneuverability.
  • Cast iron front axle: Heavy cast front axle offers superior balance and stability, even with a collector. While the pivoting action makes possible smooth mowing even on rough terrain.
  • Reinforced Cutting Deck: The stamped cutting deck of this riding mower is reinforced with heavy flat-stock steel for extra strength and durability on the leading edge and trim side.
  • Air Induction Mowing Technology: for superior cut the air induction mowing technology this mower allows air drawn from the top and bottom of the mower’s deck resulting in enhanced grass lift supporting a superior cut.
  • Cruise Control: lets the yard tractor to maintain same speed even in rough terrain.
  • Step-through: the tractor step-through allows hassle free mounting and dismounting
  • Ergonomic seats: 15
  • Dual draglinks: makes possible fine wheel track adjustment
  • Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin: The Two-cylinder engine ensures long lasting performance. The engine features include;
    • full-pressure lubrication
    • An advanced debris management system
    • And a mechanical compression release for reliable starting.
  • Deck Wash-Port: Connect your water hose to the port for hassle free cleaning of the underside of your tractor’s deck.
  • Hour meter with service minder
  • Cup holder
  • Product weight: 591 pounds
  • Product measurement: 73 length x 46 width x 48 height inches
  • Warranty Package:
    • 3 year limited
    • 5 year frame/chassis
    • And front axle consumer warranty

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