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Repower Equipment: Is your Lawn Mower Ready for Summer?
by: Ben Anton

Summer is almost here. You can already smell fresh mowed grass of neighborhood laws and here the kids running through sprinklers. It is time for all of us to get geared up for the long mowing season ahead. With the price of fuel continuing to climb higher, an aging lawn mower engine that is declining in power or fuel efficiency may not be worth the time and energy to use this summer. Yet the cost of a new lawn mower or lawn tractor may not be in your budget this year. Plus, we hear every day about the importance of being green these days and tossing your old lawn mower into the trash heap is not in line with reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Repowering your lawn mower or lawn tractor using repower kits for equipment made by Toro, Cushman, or Jacobsen can be the best preparation you need for the upcoming long lawn or golf course mowing season. The kits made for Toro lawn mowers and Toro lawn tractors are perfect examples of how small engine repower kits work and benefit lawn equipment owners.

Repower kits designed for Toro lawn mowers and lawn tractors have several features and added bonuses. The features and bonuses of these repower kits make them a great deal when so much else seems to be rising in price. What can you expect with the purchase of a Toro lawn mower or lawn tractor engine repower kit? The same great benefits you do with all repower kits available.

• To spend much less money on dependable, Toro replacement parts and engines than you would spend purchasing them new

• A spanking new emissions-certified engine for a high green-rating for your Toro lawn mower or Toro Lawn tractor that is more important than today

• All the parts needed for installing the Toro repower kit

• Complete and understandable installation instructions for easy installing

• Advanced technology like, full pressure lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters, overhead valves, and fuel efficient powering

• Simple, routine maintenance of Toro repowered lawn mowers and lawn tractors. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Less time maintaining, more time mowing

• 2 year manufacturers warranty on every repower kit

• The support of a worldwide network of authorized dealers and distributors, for support where and when you need it.

The costs of lawn mower small engine repair and lawn tractor engine repairs can add up quickly if you are not careful about where you get your parts for making those repairs. Make sure you purchase parts from a reputable dealer and that those parts are high quality and dependable. Ask if your dealer has some sort of technical support as well so that if you have a question about the kit install or how your engine is working, you can get the answers easily and quickly.

The time to prep your lawn mower or lawn tractor, whether it is a Toro, Cushman or Jacobsen model, for the long summer mowing season is now. Small engine and engine repairs to lawn mowers and lawn tractors can extend the life and use of the mowers for many more years to come. Whether you are keeping your personal landscaping immaculate or caring for the quality of your community golf course, it is important to ensure that an aging mower does not become an unreliable fuel waster.

Ben Anton, 2007


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