Ragwort [Senecio jacobaea]

Ragwort - Lawn Weed

Common Ragwort is a biennial weed native to the UK and is normally only a problem in low maintenance lawns but it can survive in close mown lawns under the right conditions. It has very strong tough stems that are a purple colour at the base. The leaves are divided into segments with irregular, jagged lobes. The yellow flowers form as dense clusters on branched stalks and are visible from June to October. Ragwort can thrive on a wide range of soil types.

A frequently mown lawn is the best way to discourage ragwort and keep it under control. If it does become a problem hand weed the plant before it becomes to widespread, wear gloves when handling this plant. If chemicals are necessary, treating ragwort at the rosette stage is essential. Use a product containing 2,4-D or MCPA, a further application will be necessary 6 weeks later. For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page. Once the weed has been removed or controlled the bare area can be filled with a mixture of suitable soil and grass seed to aid recovery.

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