Common Chickweed [Stellaria media]

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Common chickweed is a an annual weed that is more common on waste areas than in lawns. However it can cause problems on new lawns before the new seedlings have had chance to establish properly.

Common chickweed is a shallow rooted plant with a creeping growth habit. It reproduces via seed and its root system.

The small oval shaped leaves are light green, hairless and can have a glossy surface.

The white flowers are similar to those of mouse-ear chickweed with 5 deeply lobed petals giving the appearance of 10 petals. Common chickweed flowers between February and October.

It is common on most soil types, especially where the ground is exposed.

As mentioned earlier it is more of a problem in newly sown lawns, however once regular mowing takes place then common chickweed should disappear. It is rarely a problem in established turf, that is maintained in the correct manor.

Common chickweed is easily killed with a selective weed killer, however chemicals are rarely needed for the control of this weed.

When using any type of chemicals (including weed killers) on the lawn or elsewhere in the garden always wear the correct protective equipment and clothing.

Always read the product label carefully and follow the manufacturers health & safety recommendations and application guidelines.

For more information on the application of selective herbicide's please visit our Lawn Weeds page.

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